Precision Demolition Company Ltd. is an explosive demolition contracting company totally independent of any main stream demolition company. This provides main demolition contractors who employ our services with confidence that they are not introducing a competing demolition contractor to their clients.

Precision Demolition Company Ltd. is lead by Robyn Rushforth, explosives and demolition engineer who has 20 years experience in producing demolition procedures and contracts management. He began his career in the explosives manufacturing industry,from where his demolition experience developed by working with three of the leading demolition companies operating throughout the UK.


Precision Demolition Company Ltd. Mission Statement, our constant striving for improvement means the next job we take on will be better than the last, in applying auto-programmable detonation systems with accuracy not previously available. Our aim is to lead the world in the science of Precision explosive Demolition.


Precision Demolition Company Ltd. Are the only specialist explosive demolition company with 'in house' Chartered Engineer design facility which makes us unique in ability to provide clients with a one stop shop for design and substantiation by structural calculation.

Precision Demolition Company Ltd. Make use of 'state of the art' detonation systems in pursuing our quest for continued development, as the world's first in applying the auto-programmable electronic detonator system to the explosive demolition of high rise buildings.